PortoforAll – Poster

Our poster is composed of various pictures of places in the city of Porto involving an image of "Porto." logo crossed with the name of our website. This represents some of the themes worked during this project.  


My Concern about Ribeira

As the only member that lives (permanently) and works in Porto, I might have a different perspective and insight on how things work, in relation to my colleagues that post in this website. I work in a hotel located in one of the most popular areas for tourists and the face of many postcards, Ribeira.... Continue Reading →

Art that fills the streets

Long gone are the days of oppression when we talk about street art in Porto. The previous administration had a policy of zero tolerance regarding graffitis. Only licensed graffitis were excused to stay. Everything else was promptly covered with paint. There was no distinction between simple tags from possible pieces of urban art. Nowadays, with... Continue Reading →

The Best “Worst Tour” in Porto

For travellers who only want to see the picture-perfect side of the Porto, that’s fully catered to tourists, then yes, this is probably the worst possible post, I mean tour you can find in the city. For travellers who are a little bit curious about the side of the city that officials don’t really want... Continue Reading →

Dark tourism in the city of Porto

You might think that this post is going to address some of the bad consequences associated with tourism, but that is for another day. In fact, the title refers to a type of tourism. Still mostly unknown, this kind of tourism has been growing in the last few years. What is it? Well, dark tourism... Continue Reading →


It is known that tourism in Porto has been growing and captivating tourists from all around the world. But one specific market has been particularly interested in our city: The French Market. If you go for a walk in the city centre and if you are paying attention you will find yourself listening to native... Continue Reading →

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