It is known that tourism in Porto has been growing and captivating tourists from all around the world.

But one specific market has been particularly interested in our city: The French Market.

If you go for a walk in the city centre and if you are paying attention you will find yourself listening to native French speakers almost everywhere and in big groups of tourists.

Why is this happening? Are we adapting our tourism to fit into the French patterns?

In a survey made in Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport we found the main reasons why they come to our city:

–          Sun and sea;

–          Touring;

–          Short Break;

–          Nature;

–          Sports events;

–          Shopping;

–          Gastronomy;

–          Wine.

French tourists are mainly between their 40’s and 60’s, therefore, they are looking for a calming and enriching experience. They are mainly well educated, with a superior degree and belong to all layers of society, lower, middle, and upper class.

Usually they prefer to come in groups, either being a group of friends or their family, which is great for us since that equals more tourists and potentially more Porto Lovers.

Ever since this market started to expand Porto has made some alterations in Tourism. There are more and more people speaking French in order to have a better communication and understanding of the tourist, there are now subtitles and explanations about almost everything not only in English but also in French, and more group promotions have been created in order to attract more and more of them.

Post by Joana Gomes


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