The Best “Worst Tour” in Porto

For travellers who only want to see the picture-perfect side of the Porto, that’s fully catered to tourists, then yes, this is probably the worst possible post, I mean tour you can find in the city. For travellers who are a little bit curious about the side of the city that officials don’t really want you to see, then you’re on the right path.

There´s a tour in the city called “The Worst Tours”. The name itself is really “catchy” and makes you wonder “Is it really that bad?”. Well, according to their website, you have to really have low expectations. The guides are not really guides. Apparently the guides are three local architects, who try to speak the best they can (without great success) foreign languages and it is possible they will get lost at some point during the tour. These tours typically last from 3 to 4 hours, tend to avoid the most popular sites and the routes can be personalized for each group. For example: If you say you’ve already been to a certain place, they will go on the opposite direction. 

The reason why you should consider going on this tour is that you will have an experience that resembles no other in town. There is no sugar coating in this tour. These people will show you what’s good, what’s bad and what’s in between. You will get a piece of history of the city, by people who live in it everyday. They are also open to debate on a series of topics and will give you some insight on things you never thought of learning about Porto.   

In terms of price, don’t worry. All tours are free because the team felt you can’t put a price on their love for the city. You should be able to enjoy ‘the worst tours in the world’ even if you don’t have any money. If you really want pay for the experience, go for it. These people have to pay the bills like the rest of us.

Below are some pictures of the places you might visit. Not the most aesthetically appealing. Nonetheless they are part of this city. A part that should not be hidden or forgotten.

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So, if you’re thinking about going to Porto and want to turn over some of the city’s rocks, head to The Worst Tours.

For more information about how the project started and how you can book a tour, visit the website:

Post by Tainá Souza


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