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In this page, we are going to show you some of the things we have learned during the process of making this website. During this period we had to be familiar with various tools that helped with the design of the website. What follows is a recounting of some of the experiences we had, and the methods we used in this project.

Web Project

Making the first post was quite a difficult task. We had to put in practice various capabilities. I was not enough just to write something about the city of Porto that said “how pretty things are”. We needed to prove to you and ourselves that what we were saying was in fact true.

The first part was to come up with an idea that was fun to us to make, but also relevant to our theme and interesting for the audience. That’s when we came up with the post about Virtudes. It was a tiny cosmos of what we wanted to say. A place that both locals and tourists came to enjoy and neither of the parties was bothered by one or another. These are the places we want to find out in the city.

The next part was field investigation. We went into the streets of Porto after lunch on the 25th of April, a national holiday. We found a lot of interesting things that were very eye-opening for the project. The plan was to end up in Virtudes by the afternoon.

When we arrived there, the only thing to do was to observe and experience the place. And also to take some pictures.

The next stage was to write. We made an excerpt on Word. It’s a good way to find silly mistakes. Be sure to read a couple of times before putting on the website.

blog post 1

Next, we came up with the title, after that we selected the best pictures and finally adjusted the settings.

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Image Project

One of the tasks required from us for this project, was a poster that showed the theme of the website. For that it was crucial that we had some capabilities with taking good pictures. On one of the first classes we were asked exactly that. We were given a sheet of paper with the names of various angles and perspectives.

Sheet with the perspectives

Then we went outside a took some. Below are some pictures we took:

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The objective of the image project was to make a poster that showed some of the themes of the subject we chose. First we took some pictures during our field investigations. We chose this picture has the starting base for the poster. We thinks it captures some of the themes represented in our work.


Then we edited the image on photoshop.


Next, we combined the logo image with pictures of other places in Porto.

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This was the Final Result.

Audio Project

Regarding the audio project, the objective was to make an interview in English or Portuguese about some of the topics related to our work.

First, of course, we had to find someone to interview. We had in mind someone related to a tourism entity in Porto. After finding that person we worked on the questions.

translation When we had the question ready, we sent one of the members of the group to make the interview. The interview was recorded with a smartphone


Now we had some editing and since the interview was in Portuguese, we also had to translate into English. And that is where we started.


When we had the translation finished, we did some editing.


Then we put the subtitles on Youtube.


Finally, We Uploaded!

Video Project

For the video we chose to make a video presentation combining photos, music and narration. First we did the narration. For this, one of us read a script that talked about the topics of our project.

print 2

Then we put the audiotrack on a video editor and added some pictures to accompany the narration.

print 1

We also added a soundtrack, and in the end of the video we added a small clip filmed by one of us in the streets of Porto. Finally we uploaded on Youtube.

print 3.jpg



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